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TESECO, is a technically oriented group of engineers and architects founded in 1992 to serve in the fields of civil, architectural, interior design and project management. Since 1994 Teseco have been gaining a rather international experience as associates with S.C.E.E. “Société de Conseil d'Etudes et d'Exploitation”, Paris, France in the field of interior design, implementation and related workshop detailing and techniques

Infrastructure Projects

Project: ALEXANDRIA COASTAL ZONE MANAGEMENT PROJECT, PROJECT ID: P095925 Component 2: Preparation of feasibility study and detailed engineering design of low cost treatment of the water discharged to lake mariout through qalaa drain. Client: Ministry of Environment, Egypt. Financed by: World Bank Consultant: Niras Task : Detailed Engineering Design

The ACZMP project is financed by GEF managed through the WB. The project includes 3 compo-nents and the EEAA Feasibility study and DED/Bidding documents for low cost treatment of the water discharged to Mediterranean Sea trough El Mex PS is under Component 2: Pollution reduction. The overall scope of the component 2 is: “Preparation of feasibility study and preliminary engineering design, Detailed Engineering Design and Bidding documents for the pollution reduction measures on Qalaa drain and Lake Mariout”

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects

Design work for Mubarak wastewater treatment plant “Sequencing batch reactor type” with a capacity of 10000 m3/d, Egypt 2000.

• Evaluation of wastewater treatment plants in Behera governorate:

• Damanhur wastewater treatment plant(activated sludge system) with a capacity of 90,000 m3/d.

• Dalanglat wastewater treatment plant(oxidation ditch system) with a capacity of 10,000 m3/d.

• Shubreakhet wastewater treatment plant(trickling filter system) with a capacity of 6,000 m3/d. Egypt 2006.



• Provided the following plumbing design (water distribution and wastewater collecting systems) consultancies:

• Evaluation of wastewater treatment plants in Behera governorate:

• The extention of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt 2006.

• Arminia Hotel in, Arminia 2006.

• King Ranch Hotel in King Marriout, Alexandria, Egypt 2006.

• Semouha Towers, Semouha, Alexandria, Egypt 2006.

• Hanimax Mall, Egypt 2007.

• Dana Tower at Seef, Kingdom of Bahrain 2007.

• Sayadella city, Alexandria, Egypt 2007.

• Nowaybaa Port, Egypt 2007.


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